May 29 Spotlight Hero

Leticia Rodriguez, Executive Director of DIY Girls

Leticia Rodriguez grew up in Northeast San Fernando Valley in a predominantly low-income neighborhood.  As one of five sisters, her parents emphasized the importance of education, leading her to graduate from Stanford University with a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in Education.

Throughout her career, Leticia has focused on roles that promote educational equity and community empowerment.  She previously worked as Director of Development and Communications for South Central Scholars, where she helped provide college preparation and STEM programs for low-income students.

Since 2017, Leticia has led DIY Girls as Executive Director.  DIY Girls is dedicated to sustaining girls’ interest in technology and engineering through hands-on programs and mentorship.  Growing up in San Fernando Valley, she feels a deep connection to the community she now serves and is passionate about giving back.

Leticia is committed to DIY Girls’ continued growth, supporting girls from elementary school through college and into their professional careers.  Leticia shares, “My vision is that our girls will return to the greater Los Angeles region as engineers, scientists, inventors, computer programmers, and more, enriching the community as a whole.”  Under her leadership, DIY Girls aims to provide high quality STEM education that prepares girls for the future, ensuring that women and underrepresented groups have a voice in shaping the technology of the future.


For more information about
our organization, contact us at

For more information
about our organization,
contact us at