March 19 Health
Rosemary Westwood
Standard pregnancy care is now dangerously disrupted in Louisiana, report reveals
January 12 Health
Katie Kindelan
1 in 10 teen girls have used diet pills, laxatives or diuretics, study estimates
January 10 Health
Joseph Goldstein
Why New York Has Faltered in Making Childbirth Safer for Black Mothers
December 25 Health
Caroline Hopkins
With puberty starting earlier than ever, doctors urge greater awareness and care
October 15 Health
Bracey Harris
Driving 100 miles in labor; Fears rise as 3 maternity units prepare to close in Alabama
September 26 Health
Tina Reed
Women pay billions more out of pocket for health care
June 21 Health
Kim Bellware and Emily Guskin
Effects of Dobbs on maternal health care overwhelmingly negative, survey shows
April 3 Safety | Education
Niki Monazzam and Kristen M. Budd, Ph.D.
Incarcerated Women and Girls
March 1 Safety | Education
Aleks Kajstura and Wendy Sawyer
Women’s Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2023
February 11 Health
Bracey Harris
Mississippi hit by 900% increase in newborns treated for syphilis
September 28 Health
Sarah Wood, U.S. News and World Report
How Schools Can Address Period Poverty
September 16 Safety
Pregnancy-associated homicides on the rise in the United States, suggests NICHD-funded study
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