September 26 Health
Tina Reed
Women pay billions more out of pocket for health care
June 21 Health
Kim Bellware and Emily Guskin
Effects of Dobbs on maternal health care overwhelmingly negative, survey shows
April 3 Safety Education
Niki Monazzam and Kristen M. Budd, Ph.D.
Incarcerated Women and Girls
March 16 Health
Jacqueline Howard
US Maternal Death Rate Rose Sharply in 2021, CDC Data Shows, and Experts Worry the Problem is Getting Worse
March 1 Safety Education
Aleks Kajstura and Wendy Sawyer
Women’s Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2023
February 11 Health
Bracey Harris
Mississippi hit by 900% increase in newborns treated for syphilis
September 28 Health
Sarah Wood, U.S. News and World Report
How Schools Can Address Period Poverty
August 15 Health
Claire Diamond BBC Scotland New
Scotland first in world to make period products free
June 8 Safety Education
Sylvia A. Harvey
Incarceration Hits Women and Mothers Hard
May 1 Education
Amanda J. Koch et al
Why women STEM majors are less likely than men to persist in completing a STEM degree: More than the individual
December 2 Health
Mansee Khurana
The case for free tampons and pads in schools
May 20 Health
Alice Broster
Almost A Quarter Of Students Struggle To Access Period Products, New Study Finds
April 6 Health
Shelby Davies, Grace Clarke and Noreena Lewis
Period Poverty: The Public Health Crisis We Don't Talk About
August 1 Spotlight Hero
The If Project Team
Felisa Bryant, The IF Project’s Director of Programs

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