rural hospitals have closed in the last 13 years in Mississippi.


US maternal mortality 3x more than other developed nations.

6.9 million

US women have little or no access to maternal health care.

Plan A Health

Plan A Health’s mobile clinics allow local providers to provide free healthcare services directly to the Mississippi Delta region, no insurance required. With two OB-GYN rooms, an intake area, lab space, and a bathroom, all ADA accessible, the mobile clinic is a proven, cost-effective means of improving access to care for women in underserved communities, removing two major barriers: distance and cost.


of U.S. students struggle to afford period products, resulting in missed class time.

>11 million

low income women in U.S. chose between menstrual products and food last year.

Helping Women Period

Helping Women Period is dedicated to providing menstrual products to homeless and low-income people in the mid-Michigan area. Menstrual products are not covered by SNAP or any other federal program. For many people who menstruate, this lack of access prevents them from going to school or work. Coordinating with volunteers and community partners, HWP distributes over 500,000 products annually, increasing access and improving menstrual equity.


Percentage increase between 1980 and 2021 of the number of incarcerated women.


Number of women in US jails and state/federal prisons in 2021.

The IF Project

Detective Kim Bogucki co-founded The IF Project to create a national model of collaboration between law enforcement and incarcerated women to address the root causes of their involvement in the criminal justice system. The IF Project offers mentorship, education, job training, and counseling to develop the skills and resources necessary for a successful re-entry. Using the power of dialogue, the IF Project also helps to break down barriers and promote empathy and understanding between people inside and outside of the criminal justice system.


Percentage of girls who show an interest in STEM between 4th-8th grades.


Percentage of women scientists and engineers who are represented by women of color.


Percentage of women pursuing computer science majors in the US.

DIY Girls

DIY Girls is committed to sparking girls’ interest and future success in STEM-related fields such as technology and engineering. With women representing only 28% of overall scientists and engineers in the US, DIY’s mission is timely and imperative for expanding opportunities for women. Based in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, DIY offers robust programming at select under-resourced elementary, middle and high schools and aims to expand their reach by hiring more teachers and partnering with more area schools.