March 12 Press Release

2x4 foundation announces launch, empowering women and strengthening communities nationwide.

New York, NY, (March 12, 2024) - 2x4 foundation, a groundbreaking initiative committed to supporting women across the United States by providing essential services through partnerships with grassroots non-profits, launched today.

Founded by Nikki Silver and Emily Won, with Wendy Prager as Executive Director, 2x4 foundation will create a community of supporters and non-profits that will elevate the lives of all women and girls nationwide - regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation.

With a focus on health, safety, and education, 2x4 foundation supports grassroots non-profits providing essential services. 2x4 foundation conducts dedicated research in identifying these organizations, appraises their needs, and provides funding to amplify their voices and expand their reach.

At 2x4 foundation, their mission is to strengthen the nation to, by, and for women. 2x4 foundation firmly believes that a woman struggling to meet her basic needs cannot reach her full potential. Historically, funding has been disproportionately directed towards larger non-profits, but sustainable, community-driven change often begins at the grassroots level.

2x4 foundation is currently working with the below partners at launch, with more to come:

  • Women Rising: (NJ) provides direct and immediate help to victims of domestic violence.
  • Helping Women Period: (MI) is dedicated to supplying menstrual products to homeless and low-income people.
  • Plan A Health: (MS) operates mobile clinics for free healthcare services directly to the Mississippi Delta region.
  • The IF Project: (WA) provides services for women to help reduce incarceration and recidivism.
  • DIY Girls: (CA) is committed to sparking girls’ interest and future success in STEM-related fields.


"2x4 foundation is more than just a charitable organization - it's a domestic movement dedicated to bringing women together by empowering them and providing essential services,” said Nikki Silver, co-founder of 2x4 foundation. Emily Won, co-founder of 2×4 foundation, continues with “By donating to 2x4 foundation, you can be confident that you are making an impact on a broad range of issues affecting the lives of women in America.”

The 2x4 foundation difference includes research-driven grantmaking, funding essential services, focusing on non-partisan/non-policy U.S. non-profits, tapping into an extensive volunteer network, making investments across all women’s issues, and having a direct, measurable impact on local communities.

For more information, follow along on Instagram, X and LinkedIn at @2x4foundation.


For more information about
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For more information
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